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my [incomplete] wishlist of features for the editor mode

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I thought about some features that I'd like to have. I guess some are already being implemented or made possible through lua-scripting. I will try to update this List.


0. Multiselect of brushes.


1. Id like to be able to switch between different grid-types. 

Right now the grid is simple euclidian space with base-vectors x, y, z (meaning {1,0,0}, {0,1,0}, {0,0,1}). These vectors are multiplied by the SnapDistance.

How about the possibility to change these vectors in order to make it easier to create a corridor that is rotated 45 degrees to the normal structure (45 degrees around the z-axis) I would temporarily change to a new set of base vectors: {1,1,0}, {1,-1,0}, {0,0,1} (these vectors are also scaled so they always snap to compatible points of the standard grid). 

It would even be possible to have a hexagonal grid (maybe rounded to points of the standard-grid with current snapdistance). 

Why do I want this? I often to a lot of Vertex Editing in order to create 45 degree brushes. Merely rotating (which will propably be possible in the future) doesn't work since the new vertices wouldn't snap to compatible points of the rest of the map).

I also guess that with changeble sets of base vectors we would see a lot more mappers breaking out of this 90-degree mindset. I like 90 degree angles, but I would love to see what's possible in a hexagonal map. In Berlin there is an Airport where every detail of it is in Triangles

base_set_euclidean = [{1,0,0},{0,1,0},{0,0,1}];
base_set_z45 = [{1,1,0},{1,-1,0},{0,0,1}]; //rotation around the z axis
base_set_x45 = [{1,0,0},{0,1,1},{0,1,-1}]; // ... x axis
base_set_y45 = [{1,0,1},{0,1,0},{1,0,-1}]; // ...

base_set_z60 = [{1,0,0},{1/2,Sqrt[3]/2,0},{0,0,1}] // this grid is not perpendicular!

^ these are examples. The base_set_z60 has a vary nasty valye in the y direction of the second base-vector. A good method could be to snap it to a certain fraction of the current snapdistance. like a 4th or 8th of what you currently have as me_snapdistance.


2. instead of me_snapdistance N I'd like to have me_snapdistance_up and me_snapdistance_down (combined with #1 this would have to be treated differently for each grid type I guess)


3. Id like to have a new Key like ALT in Order to move an object ONLY in X or in Y direction (or in the direction of my new basevectors -> see #1)


4. When extruding A face of a brush I'd like to be able to move it independent of the face's normal's direction.


5. a key to reset texture alignment.


6. When changing texture alignment I'd like to have an option to do it not by increasing size but by selecting to edges of the brush/face (or sometimes even selecting edges of a separate brush). The alignment would then be a multiple of that distance. Also: It would be cool to have like a line that I can move (according to snapdistance) on the face/brush to align the texture. It could even be possible to have a layer cut through the whole brush in order to align multiple textures on every face.


7. Cutting through brushes, but leaving both parts. Thing of this scenario: I have a map with 3 stories. Most bruses are very high from bottom to top. Now I want to have a different style for each story. Instead of selecting every brush and decreasing the size, then copying every brush and moving it up or down and fit the size again I could just select the brush (or maybe multiple brushes in the future) and select the height of the cut. All selected brushes would then be two brushes. There could even be an option to make every non-visible face (the faces in the cut) nolight or something similar.


8. Things like bevels or fases. I'd like to select a brush, then an edge (or multiple edges) and go in bevel-mode to add a fase or round the corner a bit. (when rounding I'd like to be able to select the number of steps in between - a fase is a rounded corner with no step in between)


9. When changeing the size of brushes the snapping could also be towards edges of near-by brushes. Or by selecting an edge or a face of another brush.


10. Advanced Foo like subtracting brushes from another (This will be much more difficult I guess)

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10. Advanced Foo like subtracting brushes from another (This will be much more difficult I guess)

If you had feature 7


7. Cutting through brushes, but leaving both parts.

Then this would just be a case of doing this to BrushA using each plane of BrushB as the clipping plane one after another keeping the positive side of the cut and dropping the negative side each time. But it makes a mess pretty quickly =)

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I would add:


The ability to place user created assets like a curved stair set made of a group of brushes that you can plop down and rotate. The group of brushes would be its own file in a folder for easy sharing.


Optional collision meshes for the assets that we have access to, like the portal left/right or grates and railings etc maybe make it a checkbox or something when placing an effect.


The ability to set lights as dynamic or not for performace reasons. Certain lights dont need to be dynamic like a light shining through a vent that cant even be reached by a player.


The ability to make a pointlight that is a spotlight.


The ability to have custom length effects like the I beam for example.


Custom textures and meshes!


Brush that only clips projectiles of specified type for races. (Blocks rockets but not nades or plasma and does or doesnt block a player) maybe it can be changed when a player goes throu a certain checkpoint.

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-> 7. I could imagine a method to cut brushes vefficiently: first select the brush(es) you want to cut. now pressing a certain key is showing a plane that you can move around. releasing the key will make the cut. There could propably be a combination for each plane's normal direction. [cut-key]+[1st-direction],[...]+[2nd-direction],...

I don't want to have this inefficient cut-tool from Radiant. Way to complicated in my regard.

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