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Ohm sweet

ohm - Movements Training Race map

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UPDATED for 0.49.1, no cosmetic changes, will do in time, no rush

UPDATE bis: the start block was too big, leading to ridiculous hack times for smart players...

Thanks to Bej for spotting it


Download link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=871511633


Sorry updating the map was impossible, so here's a new link, will do better next time












This is an Easy race map. accessible for beginners. no weapons.

maybe too simple for advanced runners but overall fun for everyone.


New players can try improve jumps and skilled ones can try to achieve the best time


The practice/easy section will join the main route to finish the same.

As well there is a "trap" in the main part which will get you back to the easy.


this is an attempt to point players when they get better... or not  :lol:


Though it is composed with rooms and portal between, the flow is well and the fun is there.



Better advice, play it online with other players.


Big thanks goes to all the players who have come to my server while I was testing - polishing it.

Your feedback, good or bad was very important for making this first mapping experience a joy.


Lovely feel online.


Special thank to,


Stalast, without whom the flow wouldn't have been the same

D3zsi, for having passed several hours with me online while I was doing it. he helped new players and did the best time on the last version. [around 27 seconds]

Sensit1ve_, for your presence and comments about it.


Mkay, Sabre901, pestilence, bej... and all the others I helped trying jumps on it or giving me their precious comments.


and another thanks to all the mappers, the guidelines, the lua coders for editor. Precious tools and tutos for mapping


Hope you enjoy the run.

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Thank you all for your nice comments. 


Great, fun map, although I wouldn't refer to it as a 'training' map.


I've never understood why those mappers were making those sick jumps, long gaps and so on.

then I got some precious advices_ I remember learning the teleport jump on bdm with a nice player.

I wasn't able to do it, the minute after the man left the server, I did it well and did it again and again.

He first taught me on thcdm13 [telejump to bolt], what a bright lesson!


Now I understand why they do such maps. Once I improve on a jump, something inside just needs more challenge, weird  ;)



You really got the design done, wow! I'll join the others, a really nicely built map, tho really you need some basic+ knowledge to pass. I wish you many more maps! :)

I'm so glad you like the design, did my best step by step. learning and implementing things here and there in the editor.

looks like i'm not a pure newbie anymore, 

Damn from now I cant rant when I get fragged  :(  :lol:



Sweet, I don't know how you make these maps but holy shit, it's good! Surely very helpful for new players that are a little bit more advanced! :) +1

waw man I appreciate so much!


credit to the community, switching editor to see how the mappers do their things, reading then trying to do my style. 


huge & warm thank you. 





I may take a video with movement keys ON

Well I can do it ... but will not show the timer  :P

unless i'm in a good day... 


any personal best is welcome   :ph34r:



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Hello ique,

I'm glad you like it.



I've just been updating it. Only graphical tiny things

No mod in the run itself AT ALL.

-Too much visible nolight in the ending run [mainly for falling newbie runners .. aka meeeeh]

-One adjusted block in the first easy room [it was at the bottom, hurting my eyes only... ]

-Finish block is now perfectly symetrical with the finish line platform, 





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thank you gangland,

I'm gonna take some replays with show keys.

I'll publish on the incoming week 

yada yada, thing is done! why reporting at later what I was in da mood to do now ...   :/\




not the best time but at least it demonstrates the silly jumppad at the ending

I love it though it is a trick'n'trap, succeed or retry 


sorry for the quality, I cant set obs to record while i'm fullscreen 1080 [will find a way to do it properly next time]


Hope you find it useful, have fun ;)

Edited by Ohm sweet
added video with showkeys

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warm thank you Jaguar, 


Slight update because start block was too big and could be used at the end part to reset timer and make really short times.


Congrats to bej for spotting this "bug"


Lava is a yellow glow now, The old fashion one misses me :P

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