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db_ctf2 (Capture the flag)

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Hi everyone!

Since i'm back and got more time to practice my creativity for mapping, then i've moved on for CTF. I know this is not release, but i found it interesting to try it out anyways.

Please take a look at my map and rate or comment to improve it.  

Many thanks!

Lowrater aka MSTGamingTube aka TheEarlyAccess

Want too see how it goes with  the building? Watch / follow on twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/theearlyaccess


Download at: http://reflexfiles.com/file/301












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Second upload:

- Replaced undeground tunnels white light tube for Blue & midt midt portal.

- Added portals at each sites from midt location.

- Added more sand at the sites in the middle.

- Coloured poles in the middle.

- corrected jumps at each spawns and small jump rocks.

- Added destroyed part at red sites.

- Added red color on blue and red site jump pad in the middle.

- corrected / added lights underground.

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3'/4'd upload

- Added two paths on each site in the mid
- added midt room at two-side paths

- added jumpad to midt side

- added destroyed parts of poles

- added sand on paths

- free for alle mode ready (spawns)

- added colours on boxs

- brushes

- fixed long pole on each spawns

- colour fixes



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upload 5

- Textures

I need some sand martieral so it matches. :(

If it looks stupid, please tell me! I will change it right away.. Even suggest how it could look. I tryed all of them and this is what i can do. on the other hand you must admit there arent much to choose between.





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