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xy1 - Coterminous

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Xy1 - Coterminus           REFLEX FILES

1v1 Map

By: Xytaglyph


This is an original map concept that I created on a whim, Its a open and vertical map that has a playstyle that I feel is unique and interesting.


Change log:

Update for 10 June 2015

  • Added some cosmetic changes
  • Changed day to night (might be too dark? will have to see)
  • Moved LG to above MH
  • Added platform below High plat above MH
  • Moved GA to that platform
  • Moved RA tele to come out above the Green central teleporter
  • Added a partial wall near RA to allow harass between the rooms

Version: somethingidk

Uploaded: 9am PST 7 June 2015

  • tweaked balance and distribution of weapons a bit,
  • reduced total amount of health and armor in the center room
  • Moved GA
  • Changed MH teleporter
  • Changed RA teleporter
  • Added RA stairs and reduced pit depth
  • lowered Plasma to ground level
  • Added cover above Plasma
  • removed JP from below Bolt rifle




More Screenshots:








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