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How can I turn off the "smart" (dumb) forum editor?


Sorry, I'm not sure where to put this. This seemed like the best place.

The forums updated recently, and the new editor is awful. Just now I was trying to write a post with three links in it, and the editor kept trying to drag my cursor back to the url= point. The only way I could complete my post was to copy-paste and hold left click (to lock the cursor in place) to trick the editor into putting the text where it belonged. And I can't even find a way to insert multiple line of text without a break (pretty basic functionality) without composing it in an external editor and copy-pasting it in. The old editor had a switch in the top right to disable "smart" editing, allowing you to just type simple BBCode, making it much easier to use. I can't find a switch in the new editor, and the prospect of having to fight this "smart" editing to write any non-trivial posts is horrifying.

I don't see a switch anywhere in the editor, and I checked the forum settings for any options, but didn't see anything. I really, really, hope that this can be turned off.

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