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Offline Server Browser

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I wrote a standalone server browser which can be used for Reflex, Toxikk and many other games that use Steam/Valve's master servers and server query protocol.

The top row allows you to filter/search e.g. for game type or map. Double click launches the game and connects to the server.

Download and Wiki are hosted on GitHub.

EDIT: removed old screenshot


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Would be neat if someone could incorporate this into the in-game menu with Lua scripting. Should be possible, right?

My own code is open-source, but I'm using a commercial UI library. Without a licensed copy of that library it's not possible to compile it yourself. That makes it somewhat difficult to integrate. The browser itself is written in C#/.NET.

I don't know enough about LUA, e.g. if it allows network communication (with localhost). For QuakeLive I use the in-game Javascript engine to communicate with a standalone "extraQL.exe" program running on the same PC, which provides extra features to the game. This only works though when extraQL.exe (or respectively "ServerBrowser.exe") is started before or with the game.

The main benefit of my browser is its game independency and relatively small footprint. I have it running all the time, so I can quickly check Reflex and Toxikk server activity without actually starting the games.

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