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I've had a few people watching my stream ask for this, so I finally got all of my stuff organized so that someone can (hopefully) easily install all of it.  So, here is what it looks like. (Screenshot Updated 10/23/15 for CTF, looks same as of 4/3/16)


It's a combination of the following:

  • Apheleon's Timer Timeline (modified so Green Armors don't show up for this widget, added a few names of armors per map)
  • KovTimers2 (stock timers, but modified so ONLY Green Armors show up here)
  • AccelMeter, hacked apart from PHGP ReflexRun.  When you are holding forward and a strafe, this widget displays a thin transparent green line that represents the optimal angle you should be facing to gain the most speed.
  • ArmorBar_gls from Gliss
  • HealthBar_gls from Gliss
  • WeaponRack_gls from Gliss (modified so when you are low on ammo for RL, IC, or BR those ammos flash.  If you are low on other ammos, it only flashes if you currently have those weapons selected)
  • GrenadeTimer by me
  • Mega Health Tracker by me (now incorporated directly into HealthBar_gls)
  • EZQuake style Speedometer by me
  • KovCrosshairs which is a simple hack of the stock Crosshairs.lua to make crosshair 2 a smaller version of crosshair 1.  My config uses that smaller crosshair for IC and BR.  Crosshair 3 is also a "Donut" that represents the spread of shotgun.
  • Parts taken from DP2Hud by Qualx - specifically the scoreboard, game timer/clock, and duel title screen.  Scoreboard has been modified to show your team's score, flag status, and player health/armor/weapon/ammo/powerups/flag.
  • HitscanAccuracy.lua by Qualx.  Displays Ion Cannon and Bolt Rifle accuracies (but only functions when you are spectating a duel).
  • HoldToZoom.lua and ShowScoresOverload.lua included for convenience but not bound to anything by default.  (bind game space ui_showscoresoverload_zoom 1; +showscores)
  • KovChatLog.lua (simple change of some red text to some other color that is easier for my color blind eyes to see)
  • KovEnemyTeamInfo to display enemy team score, flag status, and player names at the top left corner.  If you are spectating, it also shows health/armor/weapon/ammo/powerups/flag.
  • KovFlagTracker.lua which feeds variables for KovEnemyTeamInfo and dp2hudrip.lua (probably not needed anymore, there seem to be native variables that give what this was designed to do)
  • KovFPMtT - Frags Per Minute to Tie.  A visual displays of how far ahead/behind you are versus time remaining.  Red = you need to rush or risk loss.  Blue = play defensive for an easy win.

So, without further ado, Download the package Here.

I run my game at 1280x720, and everything scales fine to 1920x1080.  4:3 resolutions do not play nicely with the weaponrack (sorry).

Installation instructions:

  1. Download/Extract the above zip to your SteamApps\common\Reflexfps directory (if you installed the game early on, it will be SteamApps\common\Reflex).  Note that Reflex checks for new .lua files only on being run, so you can't be in game when you extract.
  2. Move kovHUD.pak to your "base" folder. (and kovhud.cfg should be in the same folder as your Reflex.exe)
  3. (Optional) - Make a backup of your game.cfg.
  4. Start Reflex.  Go into the console and type "loadconfig kovhud"


If you have any problems getting something to work, let me know.  I started from a fresh install of Reflex to make this package, and it seems like it's working for me.

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Love the simplicity of the AccelMeter, would love it if it also functioned for +back strafes.

also would be cool if we could edit the bars height and distance from crosshair center.

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Adding from line 119-399 to the bottom of my game.cfg keeps disabling my chat and showscores widgets.  The keys are bound, but they don't work at all in-game.  I can't quite figure out what I'm doing wrong, any suggestions?

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So I found the problem.  I made a backup of the ui\widgets folder, but I stupidly made the backup inside the ui\widgets folder (ui\widgets\Backup).  This made the game read duplicates of each .lua file and was putting duplicates in the game.cfg file as well and would disable (visible = false) the second instance of each .lua function.  This would lead to every single widget being disabled after 2 launches of the game.  

I removed the ui\widgets\Backup folder, created a new game.cfg and set it to read-only (thanks for the suggestion Kovaak) and it is much better now.  

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Quick example - go to Line 127 of HealthBar_gls.lua.  It should look like this:

        nvgRect(barLeft, UpperBarBottom, UpperHealthBarWidth, -barHeight);

Change it to this:

        nvgRect(barLeft+barWidth, UpperBarBottom, -UpperHealthBarWidth, -barHeight);


Notice that what I did was basically - change the first argument (the starting position - now it starts at the right) and the third argument (how far to go - now it goes in the negative direction).  Similarly, the Lower Health Bar a few lines below can be changed to:

        nvgRect(barLeft+barWidth, LowerBarBottom, -LowerHealthBarWidth, -barHeight);

Let me know if you need help with the armor bar too.

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Also, there is no weapon timer right? do those even exist? to show you when the weapons are up.

​Like Duck said, 10 seconds on weapons but there is nothing visual to tell you on your HUD.  The only time I really concern myself with weapon respawns is usually in the first cycle of a duel in trying to deny my opponent the important weapons.

Since you're new, any chance you've watched my youtube series?

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