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Rocket Arena 3

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I have fond memories of playing the Quake III Arena mod Rocket Arena 3 throughout the early to mid 2000s. The intention with this thread is to help recreate some of that original experience.

Owing to the creation of Quake Live and the subsequent disappearance of most RA3 servers, that original experience seemed to have been lost. Quake Live's clan arena mode is not sufficient, simply because only a few RA3 maps have been transferred into QL. There are a great deal more maps available, many of them being lesser known than Thunderstruck or Theatre of Pain.

Here, then, are my efforts at bringing these fine maps to Reflex. [these will of course be updated with new light/mesh features once 0.36 becomes public]



- Moon Man (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD



- Smash (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD



- Lurid Slumber (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD



- Rooftop Rumble (Duel Arena) = DOWNLOAD


More will be added soon.


Thanks to chronokun for creating the Q3 to Reflex map converter.


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These maps bring back so many memories, was so stoked to see them :)

Can't wait to see what you do with them including the new mapping tools/materials available!

The maps play exactly how they did in RA3... so god damn happy dude!

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Added map Lurid Slumber

Although I put a lot of meshes in it, I decided to remove them for the moment since I am waiting to see what kinds of meshes the devs will make next (also because it got too fiddly trying to make them look right on the angled walls).


Updated Moon Man and put a few meshes into it.

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