Now with an official kill feed and @brandon's INCREDIBLE UI widget filling the role, this widget is officially decommissioned. if you need an advanced kill feed go here: If you want other widgets still developed by yours truly, go here: ------------------------------------------------------- OLD ZONE ------------------------------------------- I chose really bad colors in this video but whatever, its all custom to your liking promEUs - "put it in base/internal/ui folder u scrubs"   Version 08 Changelog defaults are better fixed preview (finally) added a toggle for midairGfx and added a cool skull thing DOWNLOAD V08 version 07 Changelog made team relations unfucked - you can now do enemy/ally instead of alpha/zeta sort of fixed preview added @derp's melee svgs. so your sweet cosmetics will show up for you and everyone else who uses this widget. Version 6 Changelog broke the preview again truncating charactor lengths DOWNLOAD V6 Version 5 Changelog fixed telefrag spacing - thanks mad_jihad added colorpickers when teamcolors is activated broke the preview DOWNLOAD V5 fixed Version 4 changelog added a svg icon when a kill happened in air added TEAMCOLORS in teammodes DOWNLOAD V4 Version 3 changelog: pages events scroll up from the bottom instead of the top, so it would work for the bottom of the screen (if you wanted a bottom corner killfeed) name offset from the right instead of the left, so you can use it on the left side of the screen added a preview toggle so you can see what the event feed will look like. messied up more code Download version 3 Version 2 changelog: added colorpickers for various settings = quality of life made differing alpha values work with fading cleaned up code download version 2 download version 1 todo for future version get to adding defaults that look decent add feed limit