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add lift and switches to map-editor?

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I hope you guys consider to add switches and lifts to the map-editor, as I am really looking forward to see tdm-maps with lifts like on q2dm1 and traps at pu-areas which can be activated through pushing switches. on a sidenote: even it's no trap which needs to be activated I think the bs-area on the old layout(where now the mh is, instead of bs) of arcane citadel in quake-live was on of the best pu-areas, because u could setup your team properly for pu, but it was still a risk to grab the pu.



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This thread probably needs to be moved to mapping section. Assuming these are on todo list but I would love some vague answer if they are coming or not. There are plenty of maps with doors, platforms and buttons, some of mine that I've planned to recreate for Reflex given I have enough time and we get these functions added in.

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