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Painkiller Sounds Ported To Reflex -now in .pak form

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Updated To V3: Feb 28th 2016
Thanks to vo0 for taking interest and helping to fix the incorrect hit sounds and various others
After the release of Reflex Capture The Flag, this mod will be updated with painkillers CTF sounds




I've spent several days porting about 87 sounds to reflex for the old fans of the game and the love of reflex.

install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files.

Download: mikemartin.co/dev/reflex

Note: Race finish and Round start sounds are the best. :D

Video of painkiller 1v1: youtube.com/watch?v=3nuFLaKs8Yc

Changelog v3:
  • packaged with the new .pak system
  • updated ion cannon sound with inhibitors
Changelog v2:
  • hit sounds were completely from a different game, they now use PK++ hit sounds
  • kill sound was incorrect, now uses PK++ famous "SHTONK" kill sound
  • shard sound was weapon pick, switched to new suitable sound because PK did not have shards
  • shotgun was an incorrect shotgun sound from SP
  • quad and protection were reversed
  • bolt rifle was tested with stake gun sounds and didnt work out so it was reverted
  • 25h sound was overbearing plus PK had no 25h so now 25h & 50h are the same sound
  • weapon pickup sound is now using the correct MP sound instead of the SP version
  • freezegun sound was being used for shotgun which was incorrect
  • burstgun fire and impact sounds now use the freezegun sounds
  • ioncannon used lightning gun sounds from SP, now uses MP sounds

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with the help of vo0, I've been able to correct a lot of incorrect sounds. some of the important ones that were wrong were the hit sounds, kill sound, shotgun, and burst gun. thank you vo0 for taking the time and interest to help the mod. 

And a side note there will be another update when reflex CTF hits as paiinkiller also has CTF sounds.

You have to re-adjust the volume of all the sounds because they are too quiet. Nice one tho :) 

​thanks for the feedback, but since the mod replaces pretty much every sound you can now raise your overall volume of reflex to compensate for the lower volume painkiller sounds and it remains balanced.

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Yo guys, so I've been playing around with a few of the sounds in this file. I fixed the ioncannon.wav in cubase, cut it in half, and now it worksproperly with the 'new patch' because the file was originally 'too long' / negatively interacting with the fire rate of IC.

So as normal:

reflexfps etc...

locate your:



Open it up with winrar

find the ioncannon folder to replace the old IC_fire.wav if you still have the old PK sound which conflicts with the new fire rate and archive it into your internal.pak. I still need to adjust the decibel output to fit more with the game sounds but that's something that almost anyone can do with any audio engineering software like Audacity (just reduce or increase the db of the file, extract it as a .wav, then archive it once again in the internal.pak)

If anyone has a better solution I'd love to hear it, literally. 

I'm still fighting / trialing with the db output to fit with the game sound :P but it now works properly with the new patch. Just the magical audio mastery / EQ now.


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Big changes, lovely to adjust the db output on the sounds and now I think they're fixed to my tastes /sort of in line with the original game files. If anyone else wants a little help with these sounds because I love the PK sounds, I can help adapt them if people demand it.

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i found a way to release both of my mods in separate .pak files that do no screw up your default game paks.... i just need to relase it along with inhibitors fixes, thanks!

if anyone else has fixes/adjustments they want to send me, pm me a linked file

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I have updated the mod using the new .pak file system. All you need to do now is place this .pak file in the same directory with all the other pak files in the /base folder.

also includes inhibitors updated ion cannon anti spam sound .wav

to uninstall, just delete the pak file.

thanks, mike

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