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Quake Live sounds

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Inspired by mikeMARTIN's Painkiller sounds and my own desire to have Quake Live hitsounds, I've ported Quake Live sounds to Reflex.

Browse and download here.

Simply copy the sounds you want to use into your steamapps/common/reflexfps/internal folder. You can use as many or as few as you want. Note that these sounds may be replaced with default when Reflex updates, so you may want to keep a backup.

Some Reflex sounds do not have an equivalent in Quake Live, when these are part of a set of sounds the result will not match. For example, there is no megahealth fade sound in Quake Live. I have also not done any processing on these files other than converting them from .ogg to .wav, therefore some sounds may be out of sync.

The default hostile sound is Keel, this will effect the sounds you hear from both yourself and opponents. I have also included folders for all the other Quake Live characters, if you prefer one of these.

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