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[Suggestion] Night sky stars

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Is the textureless thing supposed to be the new art direction? or is this temporary until they make the art?

​That is the new style. Read this and this for reasons why. TL;DR: It makes sense given the scarce development ressources (only one guy responsible for art) and allows for great mapper flexibility.

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well thats a bummer. Between the bad looks and questionable balance. I'm not sure if I want to keep investing time. I feel like the game is shaping up to be Quake with less graphics, less framerate, less balance, but a slightly better movement system.

I dont see that growing the attention of  a large community (or me) to a larger extent than what quake live can do.

I'm gonna go back into hibernation mode, maybe 6 months from now there will be another major patch and i'll check it out again :D

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