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A high intensity duel map with a lot of verticality. Only having one YA to encourage heavy emphasis on punishing the opponent when they go for RA/MH. Seems to play really well when both players are about equal bad at the game. :)

It is big enough to play 2v2 atdm on.

1RA 1YA 1GA + All Weapons

ReflexFiles download

Updated 22/11-15  MKV - Final version (hopefully)



MKV Few tweaks here and there. Should be the final version.

MKIV The whole side with IC on the map reworked. Added alternative route to top corner there as well. A few fixes for flow as well as some trim on doorways for looks.

MKIII YA moved and a bit more life placed. Also big overall tweaks to avoid light bleeding and added a bunch of stuff for looks.

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