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So I just violated the default Crosshairs.lua and made it so I can use sliders to set colour under options. Both for the fill colour and the stroke outline.

I didn't bother keeping the cvars. It is all now saved in the config and only(?) customizable with the settings under options/widgets/CrosshairsMu.

Colour fill/stroke by health will override the slider settings.


Updated 26/11-15  Added ugly hack to get stroke to work on all the default crosshairs. The more complex patterns will not have a uniform outline though. It is basically drawing the crosshair twice in slightly different sizes so the ouline will be either on the inside or outside.


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Updated with a fix. In some cases you could get an error when going to the widgets options screen. Resulting in having to restart game to get it back. Annoying stuff. Should be fixed with this version I hope.


nvm. Still got the error once. Couldn't get it to show up after that though so I messed a bit with getting some stroke/outlines on all the other crosshairs that didn't have it. (Type 5 and up)

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hey I wanted this feature! thanks!

​If you get an error thrown about comparing string to number value on row 185, well I'm sorry. Haven't done anything Lua before. On a positive it works most times and if you get the error you can just restart the game. Just annoying as hell.

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On 2015-12-31 at 10:20 PM, BattleSnacks said:

I don't wanna sound like a dingus, but where do I extract the file too to get the color options and do I need to change console commands?

I am wondering to thankful for help :)



Oh just drop it in Base/Internal folder!

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