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atlantis // last update 12/18/2015

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See this is some sort of underwater complex idea of mine.



you can currently not get the map

//edits, comments:

12/18/2015 : Sheesh i haven't done anything this week besides some other things, like nothing and barely something.. Sorry whoever was looking forward to an update.

some of the "work" i have done:



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This map is quite cool! The architecture is really well done!

I'm a great fan of experimental maps that can shake up the gameplay. There are a lot of carefully placed ramps that make moving through the vertical areas a blast. Nice work!


However, using water that much for a tdm game might not work that well. Going into the water severely hurts your manoeuvrability and you'll be a sitting duck for others. 

In maps like ctf-monolith, there is a bit of water to get the RC. As a player you have to make a cost/benefit analyses: "Will you risk being an easy target for getting the rocket launcher?" In play, I expect that not al lot of people will dare enter the water in this map.


I think this map could have more potential as a ctf map. I imagine a lot of people rushing to get into the water, having great difficulty to both retrieve and transport the flag. It could force players to employ tactics to get the flag. I like the idea of a long fight over one flag, but I can imagine that not a lot of people would share that sentiment.

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really really cool map man, reminds me of bioshock's rapture :D movement is great with a lot of tiny tricks to jump around and the whole design is already shaping up to be grat, tho i must say the whole in_water pickups are quite not worth the time spent given the speed loss and the possible hp loss to just water (not considering the being an ez target part).

i also noticed that the weapon distribution is kinda unbalanced imo, for example the upper rl with jp to rail and tp to shaft is kind of a big deal considering how spread out the other weapons are.

anyway, keep the good work! nice job man.


the map would be perfect if there was a in_water straif tecnique D:


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