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First movie scene to record... (bdm3 duel)

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This is the first sequence that I'm going to ask for some help in recording.  It's fairly straight-forward, so I don't think I need to personally oversee anything (later CTF matches I'll definitely be trying to help get it all organized).  Also, once Newborn makes me a new subforum, I'll move all movie-related posts there...

Anyway, general notes for people recording demos for us:

  • The beginning of every scene says whose P.O.V. it is, and you can infer other players positions (or ask me if you aren't sure).  "Overview" means we have a third person/spectator camera displaying the action, so when it pans to a player, don't worry about acting that part.
  • I highly recommend not attempting to record on public servers even if you can access the replay files.  Do /map to something, open up firewall ports, and give your friend(s) your IP address.
  • First spawns would be a bitch to keep trying to get right, but if you go into editor mode and delete the irrelevant spawns, then record a short game (sv_timelimit <seconds>) you should be able to get the clips we're looking for.  If it still put you in the wrong first spawns, "callvote restart" in the console.
  • You can do multiple "takes" of stuff in the same replay.  Don't worry about what the scoreboard says at any given point.  The clock is important to us, however.
  • When you get a good take of a scene, write down the time stamp and put it in the filename before uploading!  Attachments to forum posts are welcome, but if you have dropbox or whatever, that's fine too.
  • Movie scripts apparently capitalize random words during action sequences.  I don't understand it - I am not a writer.  I've made things lowercase, but I might get lazy in the future when I'm more directly copy/pasting scenes here.
  • All dialogue between characters has been removed.  The time skips make sense in the context of the movie, trust me :).
  • When you record as characters for the movie, don't forget to set your name, cl_playercolor1, and cl_playercolor2 to the correct values.  See http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3200-a-movie-about-reflex-in-theaters-want-to-help/ for the full reference. 
  • In certain upcoming scenes I'm going to ask for, I actually won't care what your names/colors are.  You could be yourself and might even have random clips of you showing up on the screens of random dudes at a LAN party.
  • If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me here or on Discord.  (I'll be making a public Discord server for organizing more of this stuff when I get a chance)
  • Any content that we use in the movie will get the creators a line in the movie credits - first name, nick, last name.  So, I'd be Garrett "KovaaK" Krutilla.

So, here is the first choreographed match where we need 3 clips recorded:

We spawn in front of the bolt rifle, immediately collecting it and jumping to the right.  We triple jump up the mega health stand and hit Tank with a bolt in the distance as he leaps to the Red Armor (having spawned at Shotgun).  After the hit, we jump back down and collect the Yellow Armor, then teleport and get our Rocket Launcher and the second Yellow.  Tank spams rockets at us from middle stage, and we push him back with another bolt.  Then, we chase him down with the Rocket Launcher for the first blood.

<time skip>

Above the jumppad, "Tank" stands ready to collect the Yellow Armor as it spawns.  He bunnyhops across the pit with his rocket launcher out, and heads toward the grenade launcher.  We pan down to the Blue Robot on the floor below.

Pulse's P.O.V. - IN THE GAME - BDM3
"Tank" bunnyhops in from above and we preemptively fire a rocket as "Tank" enters the our line of sight! Our rocket catches him off guard and catapults him into the air! We dodge a return rocket from "Tank," draw our Ion Cannon and fire! Our shot hits him in mid-air, exploding "Tank." Chunks of the metal and severed appendages fall from above!

<time skip>

"Tank" scales a set of stairs from the Yellow Armor to the Shotgun. We float through the room, round a corner just as Pulse comes into view near the Grenade Launcher.

Pulse's P.O.V. - IN THE GAME - BDM3
We locate "Tank" at the Shotgun, draw our Bolt Rifle and fire! The shot hits with a thud! "Tank" retreats. We rocket jump across the center hall, picking up speed and give chase. We catch up to "Tank" in seconds and finish him off with a rocket! We WHIP around to find "Tank" respawning nearby! We fire another rocket before he can move an inch! Our rocket propels him up into the air! We draw our Shotgun and paint the walls with his blood!

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With Necrophag1st's help, we got the first two scenes done, and they look pretty awesome :).  We had to relocate the fight slightly for the 2nd scene since the ceiling was just too low for a mid-air IC kill.

Also thanks to Duck and LoNeZiLLa for helping out earlier in the day and pounding out some other gameplay scenes.  I think it might make most sense for me to not post every scene to this forum.  I did, however, create a channel in the Reflex discord for the movie where I'll be enlisting help and using voice communications there to coordinate stuff.

Edit: got 3rd scene done.  This sequence is complete for now (unless something needs re-recorded)

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