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Next community involvement for the movie - naming some players and teams (Done 12/19/15)

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12/19/15 edit: This job is now complete, I believe we have all of the names of players now, so thanks guys for the help!  More to come soon...

Aside from the cast of major characters we have in the script, there are teams that are incidental to the story.  Think of it like teams attending tournaments or playing scrims online against the main characters for a round.  Some have more screen time than others, but either way, we need some names for each player on each team!

It's totally fine to say 'put me on that team! I want to have my name in the movie!' However, I wouldn't want someone to say 'this team should be HAL9000, memphis, gaiia, and tr1pwire' without getting the consent of those players to have their names in the movie.

So, here's our list that we could use some suggestions on:

Team "SleepyBoyz" (North American - Necro, Gangland, Blindlight, king)
Team "Exalted" (North American - Skytoon, jliu, BattleSnacks, dream)
Team "Outlawz" (European - DraQu, danskq, Ammazzabanane, Promeus)
Team "FoNgPo" (Asian - Trip, miek, verm and gnsh0t)
Team "Freakazoids" (North American, one player is a named character, so - Duck, SickDownlink, CrazyAl).
Team "NuffSaid" (Swedish team - Owl, Vingtner, truck, Terifire).

Four players on each team except where noted.  Ultimately it will be up to the director for who ends up on what team.  Names are also limited based on copyrights and such, so the "best" in our eyes might not be an option, but we'll do what we can.

Team names for the first 3 are also open to feedback/suggestion.  I believe we're keeping FoNgPo and Freakazoids as they are.

There are also a handful of individuals who could use in-game names.  There are two new players to the game being taught by our pro characters (Kona and noot).  And there is one extra player dueling who could use a nick in game (C3r3S).

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