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A. Benz

Server for playtesting maps ( EU )

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i've setup a server ( EU ) for a single purpose: playtesting new maps. Server-Name: ArenaFPS Map Playtesting.

The idea is this: i will host a single map for a maximum period of 1 week. Map will change after 1 week or the creator has gathered enough feedback to work on.

I will update the OP with the according forum-link for the current map.

Current map: Brut

Previous maps: 

- Rapture



- map should be complete and ready for playtesting ofc, so no single rooms etc.

- art doesn't matter

- no maps that are obv. just terrible


Replays can be found here.


Any idea/suggestion for the process are welcome ofc.



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Ok, next map will be  http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?/topic/3186-wip-userdm4-brut-1v1/


On 26.12.2015 at 6:11 AM, Username said:

How will people know where to leave feedback?

Other than checking forums and giving you feedback if you idle on the server .... there's not much options. Personally i idled a lot to get feedback and asked around people...


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5 hours ago, Terifire said:

Would be cool to make the slection process transparent :P

Yeah, well. It's hard to make it transparent. By no means i am the one to decide wether a map is bad or not .... i just select the one i see the most potential and if i think the mapper could get more playtest done himself or not. F.e. i wouldn't host a map by def ... for the single reason that i believe he doesn't have problems finding playtesters.

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