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Redesign proposal of burst gun

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On 1/1/2016 at 6:12 AM, furyaxsfigkjhn said:

I liked the early burstgun... It dealt more damage -> Actually a usefull way to kill some injured opponent on close range.. They nerfed it because somebody pubstomped with that gun when the game was super fresh and new and many newbs where around in public FFA...

Here is the original thread you are talking about...


I'd hardly call byce and son! newbies or the fact I outscored them slightly a stomp.  The BG was completely broken.  It used to 60 dmg a hit, then it was slightly nerfed to 54 which is what it was when I posted about it.  Now it does 30 dmg.  If someone is coming after you with low health you can easily finish them with a BG shot or two even now.  I wouldn't call that completely useless.  I'm thrilled they aren't going to add a starter gun which is hitscan (I'd argue Reflex already has too much hitscan).  That said until a lot of team modes are getting played it is hard to completely judge the BG.


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