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At the moment the map editor lacks a few functions. This script pack aims to help with shortage of options.

If you have any suggestion/request, share and I will look into it ;)

What it supports at the moment:

  • Dial control - used for rotating various elements, including rotation, snap angles and daytime. Also supports mouse wheel scrolling.
  • EditBoxExpand - when the current text doesnt fit entirely, when you hover over the control it expands accordingly.
  • Multiple editing - you can now edit entities of the same type at the same time. (does NOT work with ColorPicker and ContentBrowser)
    • WARNING: be very careful when editing multiple entities. Occasionally the game disconnects me because of some weird error.
      • <removed due to instability with no solution in sight>
  • Properties window can now be dragged.













repo - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/src
direct download -  https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/get/master.zip

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On Sunday, January 03, 2016 at 0:23 AM, MAD_JIHAD said:

It might be sending to many commands at once.

Ye, it crashes when calling console command multiple times. I have since opened up a thread in Support forum, hope there is something that can be done.

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Even more progress: 

  • Collapsable widget
  • Popup windows can be chained as seen in the GIF
  • Savemap options


After I made the collapsable widget, I realized I don't know what possible tools I can create there. Any requests, ideas? :)

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