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[0.38.2]Warping after removing holiday theme

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After you guys updated a couple days ago to get rid of the holiday stuff and whatever else it did, I started to warp in pretty much every online server.

I ran a few different ping tests to look at packet loss and I have none outside of reflex.  When I'm in game my ping DOES spike, as does my packet loss. I did a bunch of service disabling of random non-important network services like the nvidia streaming shit. 

The warping happens randomly from what I can tell, when I'm moving, jumping, falling, it warps me about 3 steps in a random direction from what I've noticed, just enough to screw up important jumps and make a difference in a duel. Sometimes I'll warp higher in a jump and back, or forward and down, off to the side, no real consistent direction.  I tried multiple servers, from NY, TX, and Chicago. Unsure of what else to try and do to fix this.

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