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Hi everyone, im from Argentina, sorry for my bad english, i try to create a server, but i cant see them in the list of servers.
i have a router Huawei HG630, i try every combination possible. But  http://canyouseeme.org/ say's:  Error: I could not see your service on 190.XX.XXX.XXX on port (25787) and 25797
I'm doing something wrong?


excuse my low english, im from SA and i like to Host one server permanently. i tried for reflexded but if i can't in the game. in cant for console.
I will appreciate the help!


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I see the server in server list in  reflex.syncore.org  but i cant connect and don't see the server into the game


one people connected. 
The console text:
server: 'humberto (76561197999955997:' connected
server: 'humberto (76561197999955997:' authenticated
server: lagging 'humberto (76561197999955997:' due to full gamestate queue
server: 'humberto (76561197999955997:' authentication failed, ticket cancelled, user likely disconnected

Thanks in advance

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I have the same problem, can't join my local dedicated server using the join button from the server brower.

I can however connect to it using the command "connect myserver'sip:port" or just "connect myserver'sip" if I am running only one server (myserver'sip being my local private ip, not the public one).

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