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[Race] rek-real

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This one is a 25-30s race map that's been on Dank Disciples server for a while now, and one that I've been slowly adding to and tweaking. The notorious triple jump is possible now, but still slightly iffy. Either way I think it's time to release this to the world. 

The lightmap is ~100mb (I'm a scrappy mapper) which breaches the file size limit of ReflexFiles.com so here's a link to download: http://workupload.com/file/5FZH5MSY

Thank you to everyone that spent hours running this map (night, bej, slobo, psilocybin, KOS and many others), and thanks to MAD_JIHAD for adding a psychedelic pattern to the start of the map. That's about as far as my maps go in terms of style! 

A few other race maps like Hangman and Shank will be uploaded once they're visually bearable.




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