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[rr_la-dreams ] Race Map

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The LA-Boys are back presenting their 3rd race map.

It was our intention to create a unique and immersive race map in which you can let your imagination run free. An open and inviting atmosphere where players from beginner to advanced can relax/reflex and leave their worries behind.

The result is what you can see now. The windows of our souls, the dream roads of our minds. Welcome and enjoy your stay.

So - what is your dream and how are you going to turn it into reality?


Thanks & shoutouts to: KOS, rekk0r, night, rEMis, wh1te, bej, santile, MeltingDimensions, def, promEUs, Maelfesh, amber, Warlord Wossman, oXI, Psilocybin, das FleischWursten GueteSiegel & UnderTake|WiZaRD


Kind regards; Monti, slobo^-, t1m0 & Basepoint


p.s.: 800mb lightmap says hi ?

[DOWNLOAD (MAP + LIGHTMAP)] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxAvXh50_wZIemc5bXJuTzdHVEE/view?usp=sharing (all-in-one)

[DOWNLOAD (only MAP) ] http://reflexfiles.com/file/532



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Looks amzeing plays well , the light map is defently worth the download.

I dig this especally since it can be completed by even a new player yet leaves room for advanced routing .


The transiation between the first stage into the second stage is superbe  .

The contrast between the two themes is big to say the least, yet it works , because off the transition.



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