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upload map command?

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There is a savemap command to save the current map from a server, although I was wondering if an uploadmap command could be added, to do just the opposite. I often find myself in a server, wanting to play a new map from reflexfiles with a friend, but the server doesn't have it.. To prevent from players spam uploading maps onto servers, there could be a vote uploadmap or something of the sort to keep it orderly, or permission from the serverhost, which is something that could also be implemented, I think. Maybe even a vote host command. Just an idea that I thought of and wanted to throw out there. Thanks!

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On 25.1.2016 at 9:23 AM, DraQu said:

Steam Workshop integration is coming with the next patch.

so i heard, but iam currently running into the "Update failed, Error 2" message, even though i didn't upload anything to update yet.

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