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[0.39.0test4] Steam update with "Disk Read Error"

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Today Steam was trying to update Reflex with a 119.2 MB download, and got another Disk Read Error.

The last time that happened it was related to the Reflex\ main folder being called reflexfps\... so I had to do a deinstall and reinstall to fix it. What's the problem this time?


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Well, I made a duplicate of the reflexfps\ folder under Steam, then deinstalled the local content. This leaves behind any custom files (e.g. maps or .cfg files). Then reinstalled Reflex again on the "test -" beta tree. Download was just 346+ MB or so... (strangely). The game runs again.

Apparently none of the maps, even my own ones are accessible any longer. Running a custom server, does not load (download actually) a Workshop map, it just exists to the main menu.

Oh... this is 0.39.0test4.


Update: Using the above method, my development map files are still there, so running a map from the console, map AEpyraR2 works. (Suddenly that map has everything dipped in fog though... interesting.)




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