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Reflex 0.39 - Arbitrary gibberish

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  • You can now grab maps directly from the workshop when starting a server or callvoting a new map via the in-game menu.
  • Added new console commands: "wmap <id>" and "wmatch <id> <mode>" for voting workshop maps
  • Maps can now be published to Workshop directly from our map editor via the "Publish" button in the top toolbar.
  • You can also rate, favourite and subscribe to maps during the end game screen.


  • Spawn system overhaul
    • Fixed broken biasing giving wrong spawns
    • You can no-longer spawn at same spawn as last time (10 second timeout)
    • Added line-of-sight check
      • LOS checks can favor/block potential spawns depending if person viewing it is friend/foe. In team games it's modified by number of people viewing spawn. i.e. 2/4 team mates looking at a spawn, will increase the change you can spawn there by 50% of the existing chance. Existing chance is based off normal distance biasing.
    • Added fall-back in team/FFA games where all spawns are not available. It will allow any spawns except ones assigned to other team (ctf) or if a team mate is standing on it.
    • Added initialSpawn property to player spawns -- these will be used for the first spawns of the game (provided there are enough available). 
  • Burstgun now fires 6 shots, at staggered offsets, and do 7 damage per pellet


  • Removed modes a1v1, atdm, affa from worldspawn -- these are now just attached to 1v1, tdm, ffa, respectively
  • Added weaponclip magic material -- blocks shots but not players.
  • Game won't end due to few players if there's a player in editor mode. (i.e. you can solo edit race maps while game is in progress now)
  • Added EntityWorkshopScreenshot -- saves out high quality screenshots on publish so you can quickly update additional screenshots via the Workshop website


  • Screenshot/screenshotWithDepth now save to PNG format
  • Added support to auto-convert old netcode revisions to live version AKA "we can load old replays (from now on)"
  • Improved connection/mapchange handshake-- maps can now be pre-loaded if client can source the same map. (from either disk or workshop)
  • Improved load screen, no-longer triggered just on gamestate download. also displays client/server workshop download percentage.
  • Added hands in 1st person (only partially visible on burst gun so far, WIP)
  • Scoreboard will now list people queue'd for teams under the correct team. spectators / editors are still always on the left under team ALPHA.
  • Added ready up text
  • Implemented fog system
  • Added end of game camera wobble & sound
  • Added game finished flag to replay file. (only flagged if gamestate is gameOver on save)
  • Replay recording are now correctly saved & stopped on map / mode change.
  • You can now see yourself in the end-game screen.
  • Replays created from workshop maps are now prefixed with TITLE instead of mapname (5939432432)
  • Removed r_ssao & our SSAO implementation (we still have r_hbao)
  • Renamed "SSAO" in options menu "HBAO+"


  • Fixed replay editor toggle bind in UI (wasn't hooked up properly)
  • Fixed incorrect material assignment - brick_gothic_wall_cnr
  • Fixed AmmoCount.lua from stomping lua weapon colour (so it appeared white)
  • "com_maxfps" limited to [10->inf) or 0. quick fix this prevents issues caused when playing < 4fps
  • Fixed subframe bug where mousewheel events would be triggered when console was visible
  • Fixed issue where clicking JOIN ZETA button wouldn't work (as it was performing two cvars on same frame, and correct data wasn't being sent to server)
  • Fixed issue where cl_playercolor* would stomp some player state flags when it shouldn't. (such as changing team index to 0)
  • Replay file names are now purged before saving to disk (previously bogus character names in players were preventing files from being created)
  • Fixed script bug where "FRAGGED" would be displayed when you're queue'd to play.
  • Binds are no-longer passed to game now when in the menu. (this fixed weapon being changeable in menu + also editor working in menu)
  • Disabled crosshair in end of game screen
  • Fixed spawn biasing to actually work properly (see more info in the "Gameplay" section)
  • Callvote dialog no-longer hides & re-appears when die.
  • Start server button (in menu) now performs "disconnect" first, ensuring it's a true server restart, and not just a map change.


  • Removed some redundant/old textures to free up some VRAM
  • Updated hostile (has new normals, improved lods)
  • Updated ivy textures: simplified albedo look a bit and halved res (1.7mb on disk to 440kb on disk)
  • Updated pipes to have smooth normals


  • Updated PRDM3/Ruin -- bolt platform lowered, new blue tele by the mh/yellow armor
  • Maps shipped with Reflex have now been renamed to their proper titles (such as Ruin.map) instead of arbitrary gibberish
  • Transitioned a heap of previously included maps to workshop


  • Renamed sv_public to sv_steam to avoid near-constant confusion
  • Implemented sv_allowmodes -- server will prevent changes to anything NOT in that list. If list is empty, all modes are allowed.


  • New Burstgun mesh (still a work in progress)
  • Industrial mesh set optimisation pass
  • Optimised effects: environment steam
  • Optimised effects: lots weapon trails and impacts
  • Optimised effects: pickup smoke
  • Ivy leafs now all support albedo overrides
  • Ivy performance increase


  • Added Lua variables: serverConnectedToSteam, player.inventoryMelee, world.mapWorkshopId, timeLimit, timeLimitRound 
  • Added Lua function: meGetPrefabList()
  • Exposed camera position to lua
  • Fixed bug where data saved by widget:saveUserData() wasn't saving correctly if called in widget:finalize()
  • Fixed issue where widget cvars were not saving correctly to .cfg
  • Exposed vote information to lua
  • Callvote popup implemented in lua -- we get pretty pictures now :) 
  • Fixed bug in WeaponRack.lua where it was stomping weapon colour to white
  • Fixed issue where right & middle mouse were flipped for lua mouse regions.


  • Removed laughably out of date readme.htm
  • Added match <mapname> <mode> command to save doing two seperate votes
  • Implemented screenshotClean - generates high quality constant FOV screenshot. Can specify custom resolution here (and take 8k screenshots etc :))


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Nice update. Thanks for the effort. Best improvement in my opinion is "Game won't end due to few players if there's a player in editor mode. (i.e. you can solo edit race maps while game is in progress now)"   :wub:

Question: Why is the fog default in all existing maps? For example, most race maps are quite big. The more far away you are from race start /spawn, the more fog you got and its unplayable on some maps now. Can we get an option for "fog off" ?



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I see a colourful map and I want it painted GREY
No colors any more, I want them to turn GREY
I see the robots die with their coloured gibs
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

I see a line of maps and they're all painted GREY
With flowers and my love both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away
Like a newborn baby, it just happens every day

I look inside myself and see my heart is GREY
I see my red door I must have it painted GREY
Maybe then I'll fade away and not have to face the facts
It's not easy facing up when your whole world is GREY

No more will my green GREY go turn a deeper GREY
I could not foresee this thing happening to you
If I look hard enough into the setting sun
My love will laugh with me before the morning comes

I see a GREY and I want it painted GREY
No colors any more, I want them to turn GREY
I see the maps 
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes

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I have to admit that I was not quite clear where the fog came from in my AEpyraR2 map. At first I thought is was a side effect of the "fog wall" brush I used on the map's floor, i.e. adding more hight to it covering the map pretty much. Apparently that is not it though?

Strange... some sort of engine optimization, like a "wall of fog" sorta thing?

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As someone who reinstalled the game and used the workshop to subscribe to all the maps I can confirm that it is infinitely easier to load up the maps you want (even having multiple versions with different light maps was a non issue). This is a huge improvement over the last time I played. No more rebuilding light maps for ages or finding links to the correct files. If I could [+] this update more I would. WP HFHF

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I found a few bugs or things yet to be implemented with the new viewmodels.

  • The new burstgun will not move regardless of what value you put in for cl_weapon_offset_x/y/z
  • When playing on a z value of about 30 or so (unrealistic but some may), the hand model looks the exact same as it does on the burstgun, here is an album (cl_weapon_offset_z 30 , rest of values are default).
  • When swinging the melee on the above z value, the hand does not move at all and just sits there.
  • The hand model also goes into the weapon on many of the weapons. I know that viewmodels get kind of messed up at high values but I don't think clipping should happen.
  • There may be more I have not yet discovered.

I don't know if this is already known to the dev team and will be fixed or if it is a bug or an oversight in implementing, but I would just like to make sure you know :)

I like how the maps actually load really fast now that is real nice.

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