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Map Aliases

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Provides a bunch of pseudo-commands and a map alias list. I'll do an options thing for it eventually but it works in the meantime.


ui_callvote_set_mapname thct7
    Stores the alias thct7 for the current workshop map

ui_callvote_unset_mapname thct7
    Removes the alias thct7 completely

ui_callvote_map thct7
    Starts a vote to the workshop map you've aliased as thct7

ui_callvote_refresh_data 1
    Add any aliases from the currently loaded config to your current list, overwriting any conflicting ones.

ui_callvote_import_data 1
    Add any aliases from the currently loaded config to your current list, as long as they don't conflict.


Aliases will be saved in the widget's userdata in your config file, and it'll load automatically when the game is launched. You only need to use refresh/import when switching configs or adding a batch of presets.

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