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0.40.1 Point Release

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  • Fixed issue where IC sound would get stuck on after firing
  • Race times now sort correctly in scoreboard
  • Fixed bogus second copy of stats.flagCaptured being sent over the network
  • Made cl_weapon_bob work again
  • Replaced broken delta score in race mode with -
  • Fixed issue with old replays not working due to a change in the .pak format
  • Left handed weapons work again
  • Enemy players stats are now correctly hidden during matches
  • Fixed connecting to a friends game through Steam (again).


  • Connecting to a passworded server is once again "connect ip:port password" since it's better and changing it didn't fix the Steam stuff anyway.
  • Players can now use % sign in chat
  • Updated "Ruin" and "Static Discharge" maps
  • Scoreboard now says "EFF" (for effectiveness) instead of accuracy.
  • Queued players are now colored by the team they're queued for.
  • Adjusted some of the first person weapon springs to make them less bouncy.
  • Fixed the blue flag base emitting red particles by removing the particles entirely.
  • First person weapon movement should now be properly framerate independent.
  • Added cl_weapon_kickback and cl_weapon_rotation for people who only want to turn off certain parts of the first person weapon movement -- cvar all the things!
  • Players in queue are now sorted by their queue position on scoreboard.
  • Spectators/editors/referees now have their country flags visible (and are sorted by name).
  • Added scrollbar to player list in scoreboard
  • Added skull and crossbones icon (for dead players)
  • You can now click editor and spectator names in the scoreboard (to add them to friends, etc).
  • Players now have Flag Carrier / Powerup Carrier / Mega / Dead icons on scoreboard
  • Added comments to dedicatedserver_default.cfg


  • Added MSVCP120.dll to the dedicated server files (so you should no longer need to install it yourself).

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Is the cl_weapon_offset_z bug fixed when switching to melee? Is it even a bug? Nobody replied to my thread :'(

nice update though, you must've been very busy these past few days! I really like small updates like this, little steps to making the game better :)


by the way, any update on when that gorgeous new shotgun model is going to be added?

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