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2016-04-24 | [AU] Duel Cup

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edit: This has been moved to the 24th of April at 1pm AEST (3am GMT). Sorry about the confusion -- the main admin had some important IRL stuff come up.


Short notice, but we're running another Aussie Duel Cup this Sunday on Sunday April 24th! Stream details and prizes TBA, other details here, challonge here, direct signup link here. We'll be playing all of the matches on Australian servers (I think -- maybe NZ too?), so please only sign up if you get a reasonable ping to our remote island.


update: There's now a $150 prize pool to be split across the top 3, plus 8 extra copies of Reflex for random participants :)

update2: stream @ https://www.twitch.tv/zlive

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9 hours ago, def said:

5am for me in germany :|

i might just watch the vod then

It'll probably go for several hours, because we have ~24 players, double elimination and bo3 in both brackets (with a bo5 grand final), so maybe you can catch the final live :)

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