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Concept racing map

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Not much to test :/ If you are going for a racemap have a look at rekk0rs, montis and bejs maps (to name a few). There are also guidelines sticked in the forum.

Don't like what you have now. It's small and not fluid. sorry

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Thank you for your reply. :)
I will do everything necessary to find more information about it.

I begins and I'm happy to learn from my mistakes.
It's a real challenge for me to build a map for this game than I really appreciate!
But I am persistent and I know I can succeed if I give myself the means.

I will continue to make progress on the project here.
If ever I have other questions related to mapping.
I'll let you know ! ^_^

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Always happy to see new race mappers! There are a couple of problems with Test2 -- Firstly the ramps are too steep at the moment and so can cause players to stop in their tracks. There are a few tricks to ramps that can help keep them flowing. For these types of ramps players will essentially double jump from them -- to get that to happen you want the top of the ramp to be around 48-56 units (48 units height is what I tend to use for double jumps). If you want players to gain significant height from the ramp, try making the ramp on the higher end of that range and experiment with the length.

Secondly, the pads after the ramps will need to be spaced in a way that they're not too far apart for new players, but not to close to cause overshooting by experienced players when accelerating. Currently you've spaced the pads evenly so overshooting will happen -- try spacing them increasingly farther apart to take into account acceleration. Rather than diving into the mathematics of it, the quickest way to learn is to watch people use the pads and adjust the distances to where they're falling. 

Hope that helps.

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