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does reflex scale your mouse sens when using different fovs? (I want 1:1 mouse movement with different fovs)


my question is, if when using lower fov, do i need to change sens, or it scales it perfectly automatically? in quakelive I used this formula

k = arctan[ 0.75 * tan( zoomfov / 2 ) ] / arctan[ 0.75 * tan( cg_fov / 2 )

then this k value multiplied by the sensitivity I wanted to have the same feel with it

for example, let's say I use sens 3.4 for all weapons, and fov 100 for all weapons except rail where I use fov 90, so it would go like this:

k = arctan[ 0.75 * tan( 90 / 2 ) ] / arctan[ 0.75 * tan( 100 / 2 ) ]

k = 0,88224854485347407492157566599146

this value, multiplied by the "default" sens of 3.4 gives us


in quake you had 7 decimals of precision, so


this is the sens that I would use for my rail bind with the fov 90

Now when I play, I will move the same cm in sens 3.4 fov 100 and fov 90 with that sens, get it?

which gave me perfect feel compared to the rest of the fovs (I use lower fov for rail)

by perfect i mean, same cm moved in real life (with the mouse) to turn same distance ingame with both fovs

so my question is, does reflex automatically, or you do need to do this too?

because i think it doesn't, I mean, when I use a lower fov, I have to move the mouse less cm to turn the same distance that I would need to move with the higher fov

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8 hours ago, banReflex said:

It doesn't scale automatically. Very easy to test by setting the FOV really high, then really low.


so what do u think about my formula? does this work in reflex too

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15 hours ago, banReflex said:

I just use " fov/zoomfov*sensitivity" but apparently "arctan( tan(zoomfov * PI/360) * height/width ) * (360/PI) / 75" is the proper one.

so my formula was wrong too? or your formula is the same? i got it from some website a while ago

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