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This is an attempt to trim down a map I had previously created to give it a better flow for duel. Although there are many similarities, I do consider this to be a new map, and it needs testing before I start on detailing it.

Features the standard Reflex item layout of 1x Mega-Health, 1x Red Armor, and 2x Yellow Armor. Every weapon is available on the map.

The map is intended to be "Easy"; none of the trick-jumps on the map should be very challenging to execute.



I'm pretty desperate for feedback, positive or negative, so please let me know what you think!

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Map Update

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try tidying it up a bit, you have lots of very small level changes with just a few steps or ledges. work harder on removing dead ends in the flow.

The map feels like swiss cheese to me but the shapes you use, especially in the center i like.

generally wherever i was it felt more like i'm underway to somewhere than in a room. areas should probably be more distinct. could just be the very fractured blocking though.

items and structure go hand in hand, if some area is hard to reach or exposed or tactically disadvantageous, make it matter by use of items. items make the player go around, they're in a way the central reason players move around the map.


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