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I am very happy about new update and statistics that we got ! :)

But I think these kind of statistics are good for dedicated players and might be unpleasant for new and casual players. The rage quit and win/loss counter is kinda unpleasant even for me sometimes. I think it would be better approach to  show only overall wins and just keep reading my post :D

Rage quit counter has no use as it is right now. There is no punishment and stats are not public.

This might be already planned in development, but still want to share my thoughts.

Right now, stats are only visible to you, so it's main points should be to learn about yourself and how you play. And I think that overall statistics in a long run can't give you any clue or feel of progression.

My 2 ideas:

  1. Show monthly stats that would be compared with last month statistics. That way you could see improvement or opposite, this information would be really useful for learning and to feel good about progress you have made compared to last month. 
  2. compare current month stats with average stats of overall statistics. This way you could still see progress and flaws to keep learning.

New player won't win even first match fast enough not to be discouraged by 0/5 win/loss ratio. AND those stats will stay there for ever. So on the next update or even years of inactivity player will see those poor stats again when giving game another chance.

I think overall statistics shouldn't go away. It's nice to know how many time have you won, how many kills you've done and how long you've been floating in air :)

I understand that this would mean keeping twice or more data and it's not cheap, but I think this would be awesome ! :)


  • What do you think? Should statistics represent your latest performance or overall only?


EDIT: My dream vision (A lot of data to keep, but just a dream):


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I like this idea and would like to add one of my own: have separate stats for when enemy is visible (actual efficiency) and when enemy is not visible (spam, prediction shots etc.). Atm stats don't tell that much because if you spam IC at tele exit your % will drop fast, same if you're rocket jumping all the time in ATDM or just spamming rockets at a chokepoint. Would be very nice to see how effective we actually are without having to "worry" about our stats decreasing because of spam. It's hard to compare yourself to other players because of this, the higher % might be meaningless in many situations.

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1 hour ago, jukebox said:

you shouldn't stare yourself blind on meaningless stats that aren't even public, just play and enjoy the game. stats are useless if you can't sort by gamemode.


+1 for global race leaderboards

I'm not playing for stats and enjoying the game. But wanted to make suggestion to make stats valuable to learn and to feel progression.

Sorting data by game mode and by time intervals would mean insane amounts of data to be stored, but also would love to see that.

Also agreeing about global race high scores, despite not being my post main target.

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Hi, cool post :)

I'll be removing ragequit in the next point release. It was meant to be a fun thing but It is coming across as a negative.

We do plan on doing leaderboards, it'll happen when we clean up race mode.

We are planning on doing "persistent match history" which will allow you to see previous game results. The stats added in 44 was a more general / simplistic stat system.

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