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Hey guys, since first building the massout of the gorgeous map now called monolith I've been pretty absent from any serious projects. (Thanks so much to @Warlord Wossman and @promEUs for attention you've given the map since!) But I am back now a eager to start building again! Here is an early peak at a new ctf map that I've been making over the last few days. It's far from playable at this point but I have a start that I'm happy with. My goal with this was to make a sightly bit more linear with longer travel times from base to base while maintaining mostly closer engagements. That is all subject to change for the better of the map so leave your impressions here and maybe I could get help/feedback in game from anyone intrigued enough. Thanks!

Theme may also be changed due to Promeus's newest map also being themed this way. 

Inner base:





Upper and lower hallway:



Mid level hallway:


Attackers choke:



Half overview:


Mid is complete but I want to make some adjustments before taking pictures.

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On 6/17/2016 at 2:55 PM, Delementary said:

Cool map already, I've jumped around a bit. We better see you around more now!

Thanks, I'll definitely be working on this one for a little while and I'll likely return with more. :) 

23 hours ago, /fragile said:

Can you hand me a copy of the map by any chance? Would love to give it a try with some guys in atdm. Looks very promising!

Yep, as soon as I have a playable version I'd love for you to get some games on it. I'll try to finish it up within the next few days possibly. I'll probably need some help with weapon placement, spawns and such but it shouldn't be to awful long. I'll send you a copy then unless you'd like to see my in-progress version. If you would, I can upload the newest wip or you can add me on steam and try to catch me online. Steam name: BlazeDillon

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