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[race] rek-Royal - Technical movement race map

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A race map for those that get a kick out of investing time in kz-style/technical movement maps that you just know has an intentional/unintentional skip that you're missing. This is in the same vein as reflexclimb1, rek-staro, rek-seraph, and @The Piep's rc_tpi_concentration








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Hey, I was playing this last night on the Dank Disciples of Defrag (?) race server, and I /really/ enjoyed it, so thank you. I love that you can do each jump without chaining them together (or so I was told, anyway). I didn't finish it once (noob!), but I still really enjoyed it because of that. I get somewhat frustrated with the maps that require you to do it all in one go. It is really nice when it caters to noobs but still challenges the pros.

Good job! I shall now try out your other maps :)

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