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[0.44.2] sv_allowmodes is bugged when limiting game modes available to ffa

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Right now I rent two Reflex servers, which I want to set as FFA only.

In order to achieve this, I provided following line in dedicatedserver.cfg:

sv_allowmodes ffa

However, there are several problems right now with this functionality.

The first problem is that when server is initially started, it is started for some reason in affa mode, not ffa.

Second problem is that i can call vote for game mode affa and it will be accepted. This is a separate gamemode, differing from FFA as day and night.

Third problem is that although I cannot call vote game mode a1v1 during gameplay, I constantly see my ffa only server in a1v1 gamemode when it has zero players. I have a theory that it happens after last player leaving the server and when successful votes for not accepted gamemodes (i.e. vote to change game mode was passed but not applied) have taken place before the players go out of the server.

This situation is very confusing for new players, could you fix it? 

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Somehow, problem was alleviated by commenting out "sv_startwmap 595954580" and "sv_startrotation default" which were in default config, using only "sv_startmap Fusion" line instead.

Now server starts properly in FFA mode and keeps this mode after last player logged off. 

It is still possible to callvote affa mode though,


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