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Third person perspective (for video recording, not necessarily playing)

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Hey, I'm looking to record a video to show off the recent update, particularly the animations. But it is fiddly to do so, without asking people to join a server with me and ask them to run around and bunny hop, which would be tricky to arrange! A third person perspective would be neat. I guess it could be done in replay editor, but I've found that quite tricky to use. A guide on that would be most helpful. Can't wait for client side demo recording!

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On 24/07/2016 at 2:38 AM, Duck said:

play a demo

go into editor

line up camera

set keyframe



I wasn't very clear, sorry - I was looking to do it in-game rather than in the replay editor, so I could just video capture software. The replay editor is quite rudimentary at the moment so I was hoping for a simpler solution whilst I figure it out.


10 hours ago, FlabCaptain said:

I think he's talking about a third-person perspective that follows a player (like, over-the-shoulder view).

Yes I was, preferably with mouse look around it, to rotate the view.

10 hours ago, Skaarj said:

Are there mirrors in reflex?

Good question!

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