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2016-8-27 | ArenaFPS 2v2 TDM Cup

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ArenaFPS boys are back with another Reflex cup. This time we're playing Team Deathmatch.

Pre-made teams can sign-up on challonge. Tournament starts at 13:00 CEST. 


Prize Pool

icon_cup_gold 2x ArenaFPS Hatchet (Thanks to TurboPixel)

icon_cup_silver $50 (Thanks to @LordSoth)

$20 (Thanks to FlabCaptain) 


- Double Elimination
- Bo3
- Experimental rule set. 

Map Info

Map Pool:
Ashur, CrazyAl's Choice (Fool's Choice), Phobos

- both players /roll 420, highest roll picks first.
- pick, pick


- All teams are required to join the ArenaFPS #events Discord channel in order to organise their games.
- Play your matches in a timely manner and report your score on the Challonge page or to an admin.
- All games must be played on Qualx servers or ArenaFPS servers.
- No unauthorized spectators will be allowed in the servers.
- Teams must check-in on the challonge site! If you don't know how to check-in, ask an admin and we will help.
- Acting like a dick will get you treated as such.

Admins: Scotland CrazyAl United Kingdom Qualx
Stream: twitchArenaFPS
Links: Sign-up, ArenaFPS Discord, Official Reflex Forum.

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This looks great, @CrazyAl, thanks to you all for organising it. Obviously you're casting it on your Twitch, but may I spectate and record the games for my Youtube channel? Could cross post them to your YT channel as well of course. I hope that is not too cheeky to ask. I enjoyed casting the Instacup tourney recently and I'd like to practice casting. Also means I can record at high quality (capture with FRAPS, encode with Handbrake).

Will the server(s) for the tournament games record replays?

edit: Also, when is it?

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7 hours ago, danskq said:

Are there going to be more than those 3 maps ?


I mean... 3 maps is abit dull map pool :D

There is only 24  days left, I think 5 maps would be too many to learn for teams + the current maps are the only ones directly designed for 2v2 tdm, other maps (like tephra or dp6) would probably need more testing and changes since they were designed as duel maps.

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Can we set up a system to get players into a discord channel (or whatever) for chit chat and interviews? Like, in at least a semi-organised kind of way :D Helps to keep things flowing. I might try experimenting with scenes in OBS. For a more pleasurable viewing experience :o

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