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[07/09/2016] Reflex AU Duel Season - Brought to you by ZTKFPS CUP 4 UPDATE

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Pleased to finally announce a season of duel for AU/NZ Reflex players. That's right - a SEASON. You know it's gonna be lit.

Consisting of FOUR midweekly duel cups with some of the best and freshest maps out, players will find themselves entering a fierce competition with the aim of qualifying for the Championship, and all the glory and street cred (and money!) that comes with it. 

The Season boasts a serious prizepool. You can donate to the Championship pool through the following paypal: donate@reflexfps.net.au. Currently at 300 or smth for the whole season! No amount is too big or too small, really appreciate any help to grow our scene and keep it hungry.

Big thanks to the donators of the championship prize pool: 


Please read the following carefully, especially with regard to the championship qualification which operates off a points system.

Midweekly cups take place on the following Wednesdays: 10th August, 17th August, 31st August, 7th September. It is to these cups the following rules apply.

MAP POOL: Aerowalk, Use and Abuse, Quickfire, Tephra, Ruin, Static Discharge, Furnace

SIGNUPS: http://reflexau.challonge.com/tournaments/signup/NFM3zFDG6n

BRACKET: http://reflexau.challonge.com/seasoncup4/

BROADCAST: http://twitch.tv/ZTKFPS with ur boi bringing u the goods. @ZTKFPS if ur the tweeting type.

START TIME: 7PM GMT+10, check-ins open 30 minutes prior.

Midweekly Cup Details:



Double Elim bracket with Bo3 Winner's Bracket (WB) (including grand final) and Bo1 Loser's Bracket (LB)

Player cap at 16, waitlist thereafter. Sign up quick and make sure you check in. Players are seeded by admins as check in is completed.


Both players /roll 100, player with highest number bans first.

Upper Bracket Bo3: ban banpickpickbanban play

Lower Bracket Bo1: ban ban ban ban ban ban play


1st place: $15 AUD

2nd place: Reflex Cosmetic Weapon of choice.

These are available each week.


All participants must be on Reflex AU Discord and present once checked in - https://discord.gg/AvXac9A 

All games are to be played on the Reflex AU SYDNEY servers for purposes of admin and demo archiving.

Matches are to be played with COMPETITIVE ruleset enabled (callvote ruleset competitive)

Any attempt to bypass the ruleset will result in disqualification from the cup.

Be autonomous, contact your opponent, play your match, report the score on discord and challonge.

Unsporting behaviour may be penalised.


ZTK, remm, profanum, matt, phylum, cerno. Ur friendly neighbourhood admin team. Please direct all of your questions our way :)




Championship Information and Qualifier Info  :)

Championship Qualification Standings, Point Allocations etc:

10th Aug Results: http://reflexau.challonge.com/seasoncup1/standings 
17th Aug Results: http://reflexau.challonge.com/seasoncup2/standings
31st Aug Results: http://reflexau.challonge.com/seasoncup3/standings 
7th Sept Results: http://reflexau.challonge.com/seasoncup4/standings

Below will be rankings from each individual cup in a nicely presented table, followed by an updated cumulative total. The top EIGHT players from the cumulative total encompassing all 4 midweekly cups will progress to the Championship ODC with B1G PR1ZES, full Bo3 Double Elim Bracket etc. The possibility of points being the same between participants due to tournament format, the following contingency plan exists to try cover issues. 

Distribution: 1st = 25, 2 = 18, 3 = 15, 4 = 12, 5 = 10, 7 = 8, 9 = 4, 13 = 2. Clashes will be deterimined as Formula One dictates ie: 

  • In the event of any ties for position, the player with superior tourney results (based on descending order, from number of wins to numbers of second-places down etc) will gain precedence.

Qualification Standings https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AsIYGEq7WcQvssOs_qqA0ouPt9CKQEybJgR87A3pWk8/edit?usp=sharing

Top 8 players will be added to private discord to sort date for championships. 



FEEDBACK: At the end of this whole process, development is key. All decisions with regards to this cup have reasons behind them to varying
soundness and I, ZTK, am more than happy to discuss them with you and the community as a whole. There will be opportunities for feedback
on everything from map pool, format, broadcast etc to be discussed with the goal being to continuously improve upon the past event.







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Good work ZTK, our newest moderator/admin in Reflex AU. I will post this to the Reflex AU website/twitter/facebook tomorrow in the AM.

Looking good all round, hopefully things go well for the first few weeks!

I'll be providing the Sydney servers for this, will have configs setup over the weekend.

Get in on this AU/NZ guys! Should be a great time.

- remm

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Signups are at 11 now, which is great for a Wednesday night cup. Hope we get a few more between now and then!

On 8/5/2016 at 11:01 AM, dev said:

Aside from ruin and furnace, you guys have it good. come to NA :<

As for this, buy me a plane ticket and give me a bed :)

Edited by remm

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