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amgt2 - 421

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421 ~Fortune~


(duel map by @Greed and I)



Suh duds? here is a map that litterally took us twelve decades to finish, witch means roughly 10 brushes per minute.

Special thanks for (m)oral support to these two german and swiss sexy playboys @def, @fht ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Very many thanks to @Pill_, @Brancaleone, PhunkMazterK, @Luft, @Terifire

And also thanks to everyone else helping: @memphis, @Warlord Wossman@Kyto, @LuGia@LKSR, @zajfy, Xortion, psalmiak, helltiger, @NeuerGolf@promEUs@sandbox, and probably a lot of other people im forgetting, if so im sorry brah.


any kind of feedback is very appreciated given the map is most likely far from perfect, and not finished yet!

We hope you enjoy playing the map, gl hf guys <3


Known issues:

  • some clips are still kinda meh or missing
  • some brushes are still devgreys, thats the counterpart of doing a map with ~17000 brushes and having to basically colour them all after you are done with the main polish
  • ic position is really strong atm
  • rail is really strong atm
  • cycles are hard to break


~~~~~~ Some screens ~~~~~~






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thank you so much guys for all the love and feedback!!! :wub:

now, i can speak for the two of us that we're certainly sorry for rolling out the map crawling with that immense amount of bugs and we're not suprised it got rated down therefor, already. nostra culpa!!

head over heels we sent in our guys from the pest control and just updated the place all fresh and clean with that slight characteristic pesticide odour!

Update: 7 Aug - Beta 1.5

  • fixed various clipping bugs
  • reclipped the stairs and some surfaces
  • removed some overlapping materials
  • fixed some brushwork
  • cleaned up the prefablist

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Played it twice now - too small for 8 player FFA, I imagine it would be great for 2v2 TDM or FFA, and clearly duels too. Massive FPS drop on it, but considering how good it looks and that it is a new map, I'm sure it will be optimised soon. I certainly hope so. Nice jumps too!

Certainly as a 'showcase' map, for the sheer look of it, it is simply stunning. Nice work!

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4 hours ago, Warlord Wossman said:

I don't think it would work in comp tdm settings at all.


4 hours ago, Ammazzabanane said:

I dont either, if it does its just a happy accident because the map was thought for duels

Shows what I know about 2v2 then :D

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