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[Significant Changes] xy3 - "Leuko"

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xy3 - "Leuko"

by: Xytaglyph


I am inviting people to take another look at the map for the sake of my own improvement and a new perspective. I have tweaked the balanced significantly and repositioned the Yellow armor. I am really looking for feedback on why the map works or doesn't and am very interested in hearing from everyone so that I can hopefully do better in the future. Thank you!


New reflex original duel map
3 atrium
1 Red Armor, 1 MegaHealth, 1 Yellow Armor, 2 Green Armors
All standard weapons






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The style is really cool and the map architecture has a unique feel to it. Balance wise, I think RA is too much of a trap. I don't think that's necessarily a problem -- for instance, Phrantic is pretty balanced yet RA is a trap and the "weaker" armor for the out-of-control player -- but since this map has 2 GAs and YA room has an open/clear view of the RA room, it's made RA too much of a trap. Here's a variety of ideas I think that might help balance it a bit.

1) Change tele connections. Here's a couple different ideas. 

  • Make RA tele exit to mega room. But going through mega tele exits to that RL platform above RA (where current RA tele exits). Eliminate tele above RA. Lift up ceiling a bit and make that area just a straight line that ends flush against wall. 
  • Make lower GA tele (in RA room) go to megahealth tele and vice versa. Make RA tele exit only to where the tele is far above. Get rid of tele exit in the YA room.

2) Weaken YA room.

  • Reposition the YA somewhere else in the room. Perhaps create a platform above where RL ammo is in YA room. 
  • Move the YA to where that GA is next to GL and the RA-MH tele is and reduce map to just two GAs.
  • Lower YA room to be closer to level with RA tele exit and make stairs up to mega room. 

3) Make RA less visible to YA room. 

  • Obscure view from YA to RA a bit. Put a pillar(s) there or a wall.
  • Raise the RA room up and lower YA room (see last bullet under #2). This would make shots on RA from YA a little more difficult, would make attacking YA from RA a little easier, and would also make tele RJ out of RA room a little easier, less risky. 

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like the art-style very much! would not want all Reflex maps to be that white :) but it looks great!

one possible way to go imo concerning art-style of Reflex! and no sphinx thank you so much :)


played the map just for 3/4 games in affa with 3 players (including me) was fun! looking forward to play it 1v1 or 2v2 as KovaaK insists... ;)

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Alright so after learning the spawns I noticed a position on the map that blocks 3 spawns, and has clear view of a 4th (that should also be pretty easy to trap/spawnfrag).


This position also means there's only one way an out of control player can go to take yellow, and only safely while in-control goes to take red (in control could account for this by making sure they don't spawn in sync), and also makes it easy to net free rail damage. Traversing between mega and red through this spot is also very fast, with the potential to mix up your approach by taking YA tele if you're coming from red (tele+rocketjump either way).

I only tested this briefly in practice, but tl;dr of my incoherent thoughts: this spot might be a bit too strong. Don't know how to fix it though :)

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