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Bolt Rifle // Armor too stronk

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Problem: taking back control from a player that is in full control is far too difficult in some maps. The armor in this game is far too overpowered. Battles become less important than gathering items. It's not who deals the most damage - it is clearly... who can pick up the most armors to determine a victor. Some higher level players have figured out methods to fully lock down certain maps because of this and it becomes very irritating to play in those games. Yes... you can avoid spawnrape, but instead... why not fix the source of the problem?

Suggestion: Yellow adds 75 armor up to 150 and Red adds 125 up to 200.

Problem: Spawn fragging is too easy for higher skilled players that are able to Ion Cannon for a split second and insta-switch/fire Bolt Rifle for the frag. Bolt Rifle and the instant switch/fire is absurdly overpowered.

Suggestion: Add a small delay before you are able to fire Bolt Rifle.


Gravity also feels too floaty in my opinion. Maybe add a small amount of gravity too?

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I agree about instaswitch being OP. Rocket/Bolt and Ion Cannon being the strongest weapons in the game, balance is destined to fail if you can combo those in a quick succession. Then you have to start nerfing weapons from either of which side, which is just annoying.

You could instead have a system with a longer weapon switch such as 300ms and an additional 200ms delay after you've fired a weapon (delay after which you can switch weapons). Weaponswitch would not be delayed by individual weapon reload times.

This would still allow weapon comboing, give benefit to people with more guns, it wouldn't single out odd weapon pairs with fast/instant reload times for OP combos and you wouldn't have to nerf individual weapons. It would also automatically make burstgun more useful. 

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