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2016-09-11 | Duel Ru-Cup #6

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Reflex-RU Cup #6 
We have another cup for russian-speaking players. This time we play default maps with Double Elimination System. And yeah, date was picked because sunday is a good day for our players.


Date: 11/09 18:00 msk gmt+3


@chortas [https://gaming.youtube.com/user/4OPTAC/live] [Ru]

We need english-speaking caster, if u can stream our event, pm me.

System: double elimination bo3, Loser Bracket bo1, Loser Bracket Final bo3, grandfinal bo5

Ruleset: Competitive

Map-pool: The Catalyst [t7], Static Discharge, Pocket Infinity [t2], Ruin, Simplicity [dm13]

Picking the map: /roll 100; 


W: Roll winner
L: Roll loser

bo3 - Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Pick[W]-Pick[L]-Decider
bo1 - Drop[W]-Drop[L]-Drop[L]-Drop[W]-Decider
Finals bo5 - Pick[W] (This map won't be played and is won by the WB Winner)-Pick[L]-Pick[W]-Pick[L]-Decider

Servers: Moscow Reflex Ru #1, #2 servers


  1. 50%
  2. 25%
  3. 18.75%.
  4. 6.25%

Thanks for the donations to: 

  • @sesen — 1000 rub.
  • boss aka zubich — 1000 rub.

You can donate to prize pool anytime, would appreciate that. To do that, contact @w96k in discord.

Official Russian Discord channelReflex-RU
Free vodka for everyone right there   ^^^^^^^^^

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