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pak-teamrun-01 (a co-op race map)

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Hello everyone.

I am sharing my work in progress - a co-op race map. 2 players have to work together in order to complete the race. The map is still in experimental phase, and there are few more ideas I'd like to implement before it is in its final form.

In order to play it:

callvote mode race
callvote restart (sadly, there isn't another way reset the targets atm)

Feedback is welcome, as usual. Hopefully, a few more people will pick up interest in making similar maps and we'll have a nice map pool to mess around with. For people who like a bigger challenge, or are just plain masochistic, I'll post a hardcore version (no checkpoints) at some point in the future.

Thanks to everyone who tested the map and provided feedback.

Workshop link:

Have fun!

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Several areas have been redesigned
Some alternative routes (easier, but time-consuming)
Hints at what to do and in which order (also when to wait for the other player to help you)
Checkpoints should work better now
Tokens for both players to pick up, for an additional challenge (at the moment there are 3 for P1 and 2 for P2)
****** **** :)
Some decoration

I'd love to post some screenshots, but for some reason I'm getting the -size exceeded- error despite files being smaller in size than the limit, so you'll have to settle for the screenshots provided in the workshop link in the original post.

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