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Woeste Wessel

Being in a server twice

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This morning I was playing rr_rek-plato on the 'Dank Disciple of Defrag -[Race EU]- server and I got stuck in a wall. This happens every now and then when playing Race, but this time was different.

  • I tried to suicide. The message appeared "Woeste Wessel killed himself" (or something like that), but I didn't spawn in a different location, I was still stuck.
  • I tried to spectate. Nothing happened
  • I tried to reconnect. I succesfully entered the server again, however, my 'old' body was still there, hanging in the air.

Reflex version: 0.46.2
Specs: I7-4770, gtx 980ti

I took a screenshot as well. Just behind the scoreboard you can see my body floating. Also notice that I'm appearing twice in the scoreboard.

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