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High CPU load with lots of players


I don't know but in the past I did not notice the frame drops but now I have it a lot when I play with lots of players.

First I thought it is the GPU (GTX960) because I have an i5-6600k at 3.5 GHZ which should not  be the bottleneck but now that I made a/b test with r_profiler I recognized that the GPU is not under heavy load but CPU is from approx 30% when I am alone to 100% with framedrops when there are more than 5 to 8 players depending on the map.

All GFX settings are low or turned off. I also turned off ragdoll and all the extra gfx stuff too so maybe its just my setup but I find it a bit odd that the number off players has such a huge impact on the game performance (cpu load), at least on my rig which is after all relatively new.

Is there anybody else with the issue or is it a engine thing which be optimized further?

Keep up the good work, cheers, Trip20160904202224_1.jpg20160904202017_1.jpg

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I've finally taken the time to make use of cl_show_profiler and r_profiler. The game goes from being GPU intensive when you're alone (top) to being CPU intensive with more than 3 players (bottom).


Here is the comparison between 5-6 people (left) and being alone (right). Same map, same spots, it gets worse with each player.





i7-6700k @4.5Ghz, AMD Fury X 4GB, 2x8GB 3200Mhz DDR4 RAM.

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