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amgt2 - 421 (clean)

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421 (clean)


(duel map by @Greed and I)


After receiving a few complaints about map performance we decided to make parallely to the original version of the map a clean version for all the people who had troubles running the map and all the ones that prefer clean visuals to pretty ones (and yes im in this group unbelievebly lulz).


Its pretty shitty boys but hf :D

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only unplayable maps concerning frame rates for me are all those which use a bunch of those Egyptian or Asian or whatever art-styles if there would only be an option to turn that off...

I think there are some ways Reflex could get a unique style and your original map has a great one, thousand comic sphinxes are not the way to go imo ...

I even like the old maps "without any" art-style better then the new stuff.


However thanks for this version :)

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