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Cosmetic suggestions thread

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I want a gundam like head
that would be sick


frying pan, fish, e-tool like an mpl50, pickaxe, ice pick, cleaver, hammer, baseball bat


duel wield melee for hammer+sickle combo, end game screen that shows the winning team 


unlockable/purchasable end game poses


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the friendly (human) character model, since we only have hostiles (robots) now. i guess that'll raise the PG rating


as for aesthetics: teamsymbols that you can choose to be shown on the robot, if i get more ideas, maybe i'll update this post

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4 hours ago, GoneM4d said:

Why not get some deviant artists on this? Maybe strike a deal where they get a reward for their creating being submitted in to the game or % of sale of their submission. Sort of win/win. Like how warframe did it.

People will be able to submit skins on the workshop at some point.

Flyswatter with a little robot caught in it, a prison shank and a stack of cash would be nice.

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On 9/23/2016 at 7:13 PM, CrazyAl said:

Weapons: Katana, baseball bat (maybe with nails?), shovel, robo fists, lightsabre, dead robot limbs, meat cleaver, golf club (with golf bag) glass bottle (changes to broken bottle after first kill), bat'leth. 

So basically add everything from TF2?

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